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6 years old debt


Hi everyone. I contracted a 2.500 euros debt 6 years ago (credit card) while living in NL for 4 years and moving abroad (non EU country) in 2012. Does the debt writes off eventually?

Eventually it does, but the creditor needs to know where you live. If the credit card company does not know how and where to found you it will not write off. Best way is to contact the company and make arrangement to pay of your debt.

Thanks for your quick reply. I got a letter from a collection agency in 2016 at my current address. Would that change anything on the amount of time it takes to write off?

Yes it does. Everytime you get a letter the time to write off is 'reset'. So if it would write off in 10 years, the counter starts at 0 again with every letter.
You should just make an arrangement to pay your debt. You used the money, so you should pay it.

it makes total sense. thanks a lot for your support!


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